RivaCase 5511 gold Waist bag for mobile devices

Brand: RivaCase

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Waist/sling bag for mobile devices

Product Features:

• Colorful waist/sling bag for a smartphone and Tablet up to 10.1"
• Bag is manufactured using high-quality water-repellent material
• Two capacious front zippered compartments for accessories
• Main compartment features a hidden zipped pocket for your passport and wallet
• Adjustable waist belt


When moving about you want to make sure and be certain that you have everything you need on your person at all times. Any waist-bag is only as good as it gets right the balance between capacity and what is practical. This balance is what this Mestalla bag has in spades. It provides more than enough space for what you need with two spacious front zippered pockets both protected by zipper covers. This means you can easily slide away a phone or a some important cards or cables and know that you are prepared for whatever comes your way.


We wanted to make a bag that kept your possessions as secure as possible but also one that was ergonomic and easy to use. When you are out and about and on the move you want to be as efficient as possible and manage your time as effectively as you can. As such, we made sure that our Mestalla waist-bag comes with dual zipper pulls which means that you can access whatever it is you need within seconds by quickly reaching to either zip. As with all elements of this collection, everything has been designed to make your life as easy as possible so that you’re thinking less about your possessions and more about what you enjoy.


The main compartment of this Mestalla waist-bag provides you with generous room for your possessions. The large space will mean that you can easily tuck away your wallet, purse or phone or even a tablet up to 7-inches in size. And because we know how precious these crucial possessions are, we have made sure that they will be securely packed away and protected by a sturdy and durable zip. All this will provide you with the perfect travel companion or helper while on the move around the festival.


There is no doubt that one of the biggest dangers to our items is the ever present threat of rain or water damage. And one of the obvious issues with any waist-bag is that often it is best to wear on the outside of any other waterproof clothing. That is why we have taken the time to make sure that this waist bag is made with a water-repellant fabric that will keep your belongings free from harm at all times. So you can crack on with you day safe the knowledge that what you have on you is safe and secure.


You cannot be taking any chances with the possessions that you put within a waist-bag. They tend to be the kind of things that are too important to our daily lives for us to do that. And with this Mestalla collection we have been careful in our design to ensure that each aspect of our bags are made to the highest quality. This is never more true than in our sturdy and durable buckle that we have provided that will fasten your goods firmly and safely in place.


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