Satellite Wave


In 2011, CITIZEN first invented a unique satellite timekeeping technology, “Satellite Wave”, which enables watches to receive time signals from GPS satellites and display precise time and date.

Precise timekeeping anywhere in the world

With coverage across 40 of the existing UTC standard time zones, watches with Satellite Wave will ensure the most accurate time you will find in any conventional watch. Whether you trek through the desert, cruise the oceans or climb a snowy mountain, you never need to worry about having the correct time. Coverage in 40 time zones


Satellite Timekeeping System

The Satellite Timekeeping System allows our watches to set the correct time and date by receiving time signals from GPS satellites orbiting 20,000 kilometers above the earth.

High-speed watch hands

Our watches contain the latest in high-speed motors for watch hands. CITIZEN’s efforts in this area of technology make the transition to the correct time stunningly beautiful and fast.